General terms and conditions of sale




The company TERRESENS - HÔTELS ET RESIDENCES is distributed by MMV, referred to above as the distributor. 


MMV is a simplified joint-stock company with capital of €6,053,859,80 with head offices at: 51, av. France d'Outremer - BP39 - 06701 ST LAURENT DU VAR - Cedex, Tel. 0492126210, registered with the Antibes Trade and Companies Register under No. 411926892, entered in the Atout France Registry under no. IM 006110006  

Financial backing provided by GROUPAMA, 8-10 Rue d’Astorg – 75008 PARIS  

RCP insurance – covered by Allianz for professional civil liability 1 Cours Michelet – CS 30051 – 92076 Paris La Défense Cedex - POLICY No. 49156794 


Once published on, the terms and conditions herein apply to all services devised and sold by TERRESENS. 




Flats are allocated by the distributor according to availability. Assignments may be changed at any time prior to handing over the keys in person. Therefore, the distributor cannot in any way guarantee a specific lodging for the accommodations selected. Only the location, dates, and type of accommodations are guaranteed. 


No “partner” benefits or promotions can be applied to a booking that has already been fully or partially paid for. 


En cas de non-présentation le jour de l’arrivée prévu et sans écrit adressé par le client au siège social dans un délai de 5 jours, le distributeur se réserve le droit de remettre à la vente l’hébergement. 


Bookings are made in the client’s name, at which point they cannot be transferred, unless under the terms set forth in Article VI herein, or fully or partially sublet without the prior and express written consent of the distributor, and it reserves the right to cancel the entire booking of a client with whom a dispute may arise as to the payment for a previous booking.  




The website supplement the description provided to the traveller beforehand by virtue of Article R. 211-4 of the French Code of Tourism.  

Pursuant to Articles L211-9 and R211-5 of the French Code of Tourism, the distributor reserves the option, with the traveller’s consent, to change some of the services offered and indicated in the description provided to the traveller, notably: features of the trip, price, payment methods, minimum number of people required to make the trip, and contract resolution fees. Booking a holiday and/or a trip implies accepting these specific terms and conditions of sale.  

No right of withdrawal 

In application of Article L221-28-12 of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the provision of lodging, transportation, dining or recreation, which must be furnished on a date or at a specific frequency. 


Once the traveller’s telephone details are collected, they are informed that they may choose to be put on a free marketing call opt-out list, for example:  



  1. PRICES 


The holiday programme descriptions and rate tables provide a guide to the services included in the package rates we offer. Our prices are posted in euros including all taxes. The prices do not include personal expenses.  

These prices vary by when the holiday is taken and in some cases by the number of people indicated on the holiday description.  



1.1. Rate tables 


Rate tables can be found on the pricing pages and provide a guide to the services included in our package rates. Prices were determined in euros as at 03/20/2024 for winter 2024/2025 fares based on the hospitality rates and market situation in France. For stays at Résidences they include all taxes (except tourism taxes) and provision of the lodging, including utilities (water, electricity, heating).  

Holidays booked for a special non-refundable rate without a cancellation option shall not be subject to any refunds or changes, and full payment is due upon confirming the booking.   


1.2. “Bons plans” packages 


Certain restrictions apply to Bons Plans packages, which cannot be combined or backdated, and are subject to availability and valid for the destinations and periods indicated. To access specific Bons Plans packages cited on the website, you must provide the PROMO code for the desired package at the time of booking (e.g. SOLO). However, only promotional codes (one code per booking) provided at the time of booking shall be acknowledged. 

Promotions shall apply to eligible services, excluding optional services for additional fees.  



1.3. Chosen services 


The services chosen at the time of booking are owed in their entirety. Unused services are not refundable. 

Our rates do not include TOURISM TAXES collected on behalf of the local city. This additional tax must be paid onsite. 



1.4. Deposit or security deposit 


For rental holidays: Depending on the type of lodging, you will be asked for a security deposit of 300-2,000 euros upon arrival. It will be returned to you after your stay, minus any replacement or cleaning fees and/or any other additional unpaid services. The client will be charged for lost keys or cards. The client is responsible for any broken or damaged objects, and any damages that may be caused to the facilities and items in the residence. If the security deposit does not provide sufficient funds, the difference shall then be requested. 


The security deposit may also be used to cover non-payment of onsite services, specifically for bar beverages.  





The prices indicated on the rate tables were established on 03/20/2024 based on the prices for the provision of various services in force on that date.  

If the price of fuel causes these prices to change, in terms of taxes or licence fees for the contracted travel services or exchange rates pertaining to the contract, the distributor shall have the option to increase or decrease the sales prices in accordance with Article R211-8 of the French Tourism Code. Regardless of the amount of increase, the client will receive a clear and legible detailed explanation in non-digital format no later than twenty (20) days prior to the start of the holiday. 

Thus, any changes to these market conditions are likely to cause a price change. If the package rate increases by more than 8%, the client may agree to a change of their contract and a substitute of services or to withdraw their contract and receive a refund without penalties for the amounts paid within a maximum period of 14 days in application of the provisions in Article R211-9 of the French Tourism Code. The client is given seven days to inform the distributor of their decision in writing, after which their decision to withdraw the contract shall incur the fees set forth in Article 10 hereafter. Conversely, if the aforementioned prices are reduced, the client may receive a reduction commensurate to the price. 





Bookings longer than 30 days from the start date:  

An advance of 30% of the service price payable at the time of booking in the Lodgings portion of Résidence. For supplemental services (ski lifts, ski equipment, wellness facilities), 10% of the amount for these services shall be paid in advance at the time of booking. The balance of the bill must be settled no later than and without notification ONE MONTH BEFORE THE HOLIDAY BEGINS.  


Registrations confirmed in under 30 days from the start of the holiday must be paid in the full amount of the booking. 

With regard to non-refundable rates without a cancellation option, the total price of the holiday is owed when the booking is confirmed.  


The distributor shall consider bookings cancelled that the client has not paid in full by the scheduled deadlines and reserves the right to make use of the services cancelled by the client without prior notice. 





The distributor holidays are qualified to accept holiday vouchers (chèques vacances). Holiday vouchers from the ANCV (French Holiday Voucher Agency) must be sent BY REGISTERED LETTER with PROOF OF RECEIPT to MMV, 51 avenue France d’Outremer B.P.39 - 06701 SAINT LAURENT DU VAR CEDEX. The distributor is released of any liability for ANCV vouchers sent by standard post. 





The client may transfer their distributor contract to anyone who meets all the applicable terms and conditions in the contract. To this end, they shall inform the distributor of their intention to transfer the contract in any non-digital format as per Article L 211-12 of the French Tourism Code or Article R 211-7, and that allows for a proof of receipt, no later than seven (7) days prior to the start of the holiday. The distributor is not bound to honour transfers that occur in under seven (7) days prior to the start of the holiday. The distributor shall notify the assignor of any fees, licence fees or any other additional expenses incurred by the transfer. The assignor and the assignee shall be jointly and severally liable to settle the balance of the price as well as any fees, licence fees or any other additional expenses incurred by the transfer. 



For week-long stays: Ski lift tickets are sold in six-day packages for holidays with seven nights of lodging. The ski lift package effectively begins the day after arrival and ends the night before departure.  

The same terms apply to ski equipment rentals. You may collect your equipment at 6:00 PM on the arrival day and must return it by the end of the day before your departure date. The distributor cannot be held liable for stolen or broken ski equipment. To alleviate this type of inconvenience, we remain at your disposal while booking insurance for these sorts of incidents. Please note that packages for ski lifts and ski equipment are registered in your name. Therefore, when booking you must accurately enter the first and last names, birthdays and skill levels of the clients who will be using these services. The distributor cannot be held liable for any missing or incorrect information provided by the client.  

For stays of up to four nights, ski services begin on the day of arrival. 

When booking your ski services (via the booking centre or on our website), we ask that you carefully verify the start date for these services in the section BOOKED SERVICES in your confirmation email and contact us to make any changes no later than seven days before your holiday begins. 

The distributor cannot under any circumstances refund you for lost or unused ski lift packages and ski equipment that is not used. 

If the ski area is closed during a holiday, the distributor will refund clients based on the actual refund the company managing the ski lifts grants to the distributor.  



  1. CLAIMS 


In an effort to prevent any inconveniences throughout your stay or journey, and in compliance with Article L211-16 II of the French Tourism Code, clients must inform the distributor as soon as possible if they notice any discrepancies while executing a travel service covered by the package holiday contract. Failure to do so may affect the amount discounted or the damages and interest that may be owed.  

In the event a dispute cannot be settled onsite, claims should be sent to TSV, 19 Place Tolozan, 69001 LYON  

along with any original supporting documents BY REGISTERED LETTER as soon as the client returns home. Any claims pertaining to sales contracts signed by an individual cannot be extended to a group. The reply deadline may vary by the length of an investigation with the service providers. After referring the matter to the agency’s customer service department and in the absence of a resolution within one month, clients may put the matter before the Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris (mediation and arbitration center of Paris) which can be contacted at: CMAP – 39 Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt – 75008 PARIS. All of the procedures for referring such matters can also be found online: 





1. Prior to departure and if external events place requirements on the distributor or there are extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances, thge distributor may be compelled to cancel all or part of the planned services or to reschedule a holiday. In such cases, resorts will suggest a range of alternate solutions and equivalent equipment will be offered. If no alternate solution can be found, the distributor shall provide a refund for the corresponding amounts paid as well as any services that required prepayment, such as transport, with the exception of any additional compensation in compliance with Articles L211-13-3 and L 211-14 of the French Tourism Code. 


2. In the event of a subsequent modification (service, number of people, etc.) to the initial reservation, due to the customer, processing costs will be invoiced on the basis of €10 per modification, whether the reservation is made by telephone or online. 




Pursuant to Article L 211-14 I of the French Tourism Code, clients have the option to cancel their holiday at any time by paying the cancellation fee as indicated in the table below:  




Date of cancellation 

Amount withdrawn by the distributor per case 

More than 60 days before the holiday begins 

No cancellation fee 

31-59 days before the holiday begins 

30% of the price of the holiday 

16-30 days before the holiday begins 

70% of the price of the holiday 

2-15 days before the holiday begins 

100% of the price of the holiday 

The day before the holiday begins and a no-show, early departure 


Service cancelled after D-7 

100% of the price of the holiday 



100% cancellation fee 


Refunds for VAC’ASSUR subscriptions: Refund less any XPLORASSUR excess (Mutuaide Assistance). 

In view of the particular nature of special rate services such as those labelled as “non-refundable without option to cancel,” cancellation and change fees are charged at 100% of the total amount billed upon booking. 


Cancellation fees are always indicated in the table above for all the products in the catalogue and for supplemental services. 


If the traveller shows proof of prior a guarantee for liabilities covered by their insurance, they have the option to terminate the policy without penalty within fourteen (14) days as long as no guarantee has been implemented. 





Pursuant to Article L 211-16 I of the French Tourism Code, the distributor is legally bound to execute the services cited in the contract signed and must provide the client support if they encounter any problems.  


Pursuant to Article L 211-16 II the French Tourism Code, clients must inform the distributor as soon as possible if they notice any discrepancies while executing a travel service covered by the contract. Failure to notify may affect the determination of any price reduction or damages. 

The distributor will correct any discrepancies, unless it is impossible to do so or it incurs costs incongruent with the overall value of the travel services. Pursuant to Article L 211-17 of the French Tourism Code, clients have the right to a reasonable price reduction for the time during which the services provided are not compliant with the contract signed with the distributor, unless it has been determined that the discrepancy is the fault of the client, a third party not providing the travel service cited in the contract signed with the distributor and that it was of an unforeseen or unavoidable nature or that it was caused by extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances. 


In all events, if it becomes impossible to honour a core component of the contract due to an outside event out of distributor's control, the distributor shall notify the client of the situation as quickly as possible. The client may then agree to amend the contract offered by the distributor or to cancel it without penalty.  


The distributor has a Civil Liability insurance policy specifically for the hotel industry. Nonetheless, holidaymakers are advised to have their own civil liability insurance policy. If personal belongings are lost, stolen or damaged by a third party at the holiday facilities, the distributor cannot be held liable beyond the legal requirements. 




For your safety, the distributor has a multi-risk VAC’ASSUR No. 5187 policy with Xplorassur (Mutuaide Assistance) that covers the following: cancellation of holiday, repatriation assistance, late arrivals, early departure/snow events, trip compensation, personal accident, no option to return home,… and special coverage for epidemics and pandemics. 

This is an optional insurance policy that we will offer you when registering. You may view the product description and general policy terms and conditions at any time on  




VAC’ASSUR rates are included for anyone registered on the booking. These rates vary depending on the booking amount's price tier. If services are added after the booking is made, the price for VAC’ASSUR will be changed, as needed, based on the holiday’s updated amount. Pricing details can be fund on  




You or an insured third party must notify the distributor of your cancellation using the fastest method possible as soon as an event covered in the policy occurs that impedes your departure. Once you have announced your cancellation to the distributor, you must open a claim with Xplorassur within five business days of that event online at For more information on tracking open claims cases, you may contact Xplorassur by telephone Monday through Friday between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM on +33 (0)5 34 45 31 51. 




To receive coverage under the VAC’ASSUR policy (repatriation assistance, overseas medical expenses, advance for hospitalisation costs while outside the country of residence, search and rescue expenses, repatriation of a body, death formalities, substitute driver, foreign legal assistance, early return), to check on a local emergency rescue operation, you must contact the Mutuaide Assistance medical centre or potentially the policyholder’s family. The help hotline can be reached 24/7 on +33 (0)1 55 98 88 21 or by email at  

Please be aware that your case cannot be managed unless you have called the help hotline. The event must also be covered in the policy. 



Following a medical repatriation (including repatriation following an illness related to an epidemic or pandemic) or hospitalization on site, organized by MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE (or by any other assistance company), occurring within the framework of an event covered by the VAC'ASSUR contract, you will be reimbursed for the accommodation fees already paid and not used (excluding transportation) as of the night following the date of early return, on a pro rata basis. 

Winter 2025 special features : If snow activities are cut short, Xplorassur refunds you for an amount stipulated in the general terms of sale for the package and ski equipment rental not used following the covered event. 

IMPORTANT: Services that are not covered by the insurance policy shall not be refunded or compensated in any way. 

The Snow Activity Interruption coverage only applies from December 13 to April 30 of the following year. 




The distributor has a insolvency protection policy with Groupama – Assurances Crédit et Caution, 8-10 Rue d’Astorg 75008 PARIS - Tel.: +33 (0) Email: Travellers may contact Groupama if they are refused the services covered due to ditributor's insolvency. 




The distributor implements processing of personal data as part of the marketing and operation of its products and services. 


These treatments are described in the policy relating to the protection of personal data available on our website, as well as at the reception of our residences. 

In accordance with the regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data, you have a right of access to information concerning you, as well as a right of rectification, opposition, limitation of processing and deletion which you can exercise by contacting our data protection officer: 

  • Or by post to the address Terrésens Vacances, 19 Bis place Tolozan, 69001 LYON 


The General and Specific Terms and Conditions are also available on  

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